Re: How about my hardware?

Amy Lee wrote:


I have an old computer, it has updated for many times. Now the
hardware list is:
CPU: Celeron2 1 Ghz
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-6VXE+
RAM: 2*256+64=320MB

That's not right: 2*256+64 != 320
Do you mean 256+64 = 320 or (2*256) + 64 = 576 ?

HD: 10GB+60GB=70GB
GPU: TNT2 Vanta 8MB

Now my system is Redhat Linux 7.3, I'd like to know which Redhat Linux
system fits in my computer most?

RH has moved a lot since 7.3. It is now much more of a
business/enterprise orientated distribution and they prefer that you
pay for support to use it. There are free implementations of it like
CentOS, but it won't be terribly friendly to your hardware.

My favourite distro is Mepis which Ubuntu-based and should run quite
happily with your set-up.