Re: Text consoles stay black

On Tue, 06 Mar 2007 12:33:15 -0600, Dances With Crows wrote:

Build 8776 of the evil
nvidia modules works fine here, been using it ever since it was marked
stable in Gentoo.

So it must be something specific to my machine. I'm going to experiment a

If X is running, virtual consoles are sorta superfluous as you can
always start another xterm/konsole/eterm.

No, they're not! When the X server gets unusable, for example because of a
freezed fullscreen X app, the consoles are often the only way to get
control of the system by killing the app from there. At least I have
experienced this case often.

If you want something that's
faster than VESA framebuffer and more than 80x25, see what you can get
from vga=ask. HTH,

Yes, I'm going to try that, thx! If all else fails, I might also
settle for 'normal', as it's only for rescue purposes anyway.