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anton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Anton Ertl) wrote:
Is hardware accelerated OpenGL enabled?

glxinfo | grep direct

Actually that's not a reliable indicator. E.g., I have hardware
accelerated OpenGL on my machine. If I run glxinfo on another machine
with DISPLAY set to my machine, it says:

[b6:~:6400] glxinfo | egrep -A2 "direct rendering|OpenGL vendor"
direct rendering: No

It is true that you don't get hardware accelerated direct rendering when
using a remote display. In fact, with 7.0 and older you didn't get
any acceleration at all but reverted to mesa software OpenGL when using a
remote display.

Since 7.1 hardware accelerated indirect rendering is supported. This
means that you will be able to use hardware accelerated features on a
graphics card even though the graphics card and the display is connected
on another machine than the machine running the OpenGL application. Of
course with indirect rendering you can't expect the same performance as if
the application would be running on the local machine as the network most
likely will become a bottleneck.

I haven't tried hardware accelerated indirect rendering with 7.1 or
7.2 myself. Some years ago I used an SGI machine as display to remotely
login to a linux server and start tux racer. The SGI X server was capable
of hardware accelerated indirect rendering.

regards Henrik
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