Re: Mainboard für File-Server gesucht

Magnus Warker <warker@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
Hallo Leute,

I'll answer in English, which is the preferred language in this group.

ich bin auf der Suche nach geeigneter Hardware für einen File-Server. Er
soll mit Debian laufen und ein Hardware-RAID mit SATA-Platten haben.

What for? Our file server all run with software RAID 1 using the md
driver, an that works fine. It also means that we don't need to have
the same hardware RAID chip available when the hardware fails (for
RAID1 this is supposedly not a problem, but better safe than sorry).

Darüber hinaus sollte er einen Gigabit-Ethernet-Anschluss haben und
ansonsten möglichst wenig Geräusche und Hitze produzieren. Es soll kein X
oder sonst was drauf laufen, so dass eine Grafikkarte nur für Textmodus
gebraucht wird. Sound ist ebenfalls nicht erwünscht.

You probably want ECC memory, so I would look for a single-CPU-socket
server board (these typically have simple on-board graphics); you can
find such things from Tyan, Supermicro and Intel, for example. Any of
these will have at least one (usually two) Gb Ethernet ports. For
coolness, get a slow Athlon 64 EE or Core 2 Duo (=Xeon 30xx) CPU, and
if you get an AMD CPU, use the ondemand governor to run is at a cool
and low clock rate most of the time. For quietness, drive the CPU fan
with fancontrol (this takes some setup work, though).

If you don't want ECC, an EPIA board might be sufficient.

- anton
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