Re: Convert Old PC to Linux - Minimal Requirements???

On Tue, 07 Aug 2007 14:58:01 +0000, Nicolas George wrote:

Dances With Crows wrote in message
You'll want to install something light like Damn
Small Linux or possibly Xubuntu, though.

Definitely not. Installing such a limited thing as Damn Small Linux on
such a powerful machine (hey, it was 400 MHz and 128 Mo, not 40 MHz and
12 Mo!) would be nothing but a source of trouble.

Damn small linux might be a little light for that machine. A 400MHz with
128MB of RAM is plenty of computer for the task. I used to play movies
on my old PII 300MHz with 64MB of RAM in windows. Just make sure you
have some swap allocated for when it gets taxed.

And as for XUbuntu, I wonder why anyone would want to install an X
server on a file server. The server version of Ubuntu would be much

Perhaps they have a really nice monitor and want to look at something
more appropriate than 80x25 text on a 32"+ LCD. Or something better than
a 1024x768 framebuffer. It is easier to extract the needed information
from a man page when there's a lot more content on a single screen.

And some people get really bored with looking at text only screens,
especially if they've worked on mainframe dumb terminals for 20+ years.
It may not be "needed", but why not. Just because you have X installed
doesn't mean you have to run it all the time, if at all.