Re: Buffalo USB 2.0 External Drives

On 2007-08-08, Ogre <rossz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

... I nuked the existing partition table and divided into one NTFS
partition and one ext2 partition (half the drive for each). FYI, I used
windows XP to redo the partition table, leaving half the drive unused,
then moved it to my linux box to create the ext2 partition.
Exactly the safest way to do it. I'd have use FAT for Windows, though.
Easier to use from Linux.

Everything seems to be working perfectly on all my systems, though I
don't dare use any of the included tools with it now since it probably
has some kind of automatic recovery system that will think the drive has
been corrupted.
I don't think they'd just start correcting without asking something.

Still, that's not the point of that CD anyway. They're coasters (sp?), just
like those that come with most printers today.

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