Re: running linux on bad ram

On Wed, 15 Aug 2007 15:15:00 +0200, Thomas wrote:

Uzytkownik "Gregory Shearman" <ZekeGregory@xxxxxxxxxxxx> napisal w
wiadomosci news:2441943.DfuUPs4p3m@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ok , after finding 40 000 errors with memtest at about 51 % progress I
decided to buy a new module.

Allodoxaphobia wrote:

(I spent FAR too much time trying to get around the problem with the
kernel option ala: badram=0x1c23f5cc,0xfffffffc. The documentation on
that option is WRETCHED, and to this day I firmly believe the optionis
totally bogus. Don't go there.)

I don't find it at all in the kernel parameter list of 2.6.21-gentoo-r4.
Maybe you are right, the parameter is bogus.


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My experiance excactely,
sometimes its better just to give up and spent some mony on good hardware.