USB 2.0 Audio interface for XLR microphone inputs

So I've been looking for a USB interface to input audio from a high
quality XLR microphone. I'd like 24 bit, and 96 kHz sampling rates
minimum. And stereo recording abilities. This seems to rule out all usb
1.1 only devices.

There seems to be many along the lines of what I'm looking for in
firewire only devices. But I don't have any firewire ports on my laptop
or desktop. I'd like a usb 2.0 option. But they seem rare, and those
that do exist seem poorly supported in linux if at all. Suggestions?

The Tascam 144 or a USB 2.0 version of a Lexicon Omega seems good. But
still lacking. A few other manufacturers caught my eye, but most of them
don't have anything listed under the alsa soundcard matrix. So what are
my options to do good quality multitrack stereo recording on my laptop
with XLR3 microphones.

At the moment I'm using ardour2 and audacity to record with. This
doesn't work well with my builtin soundcard as a) it doesn't do stereo
input, and b) the headphone output bleeds into the mic input, even though
the mic shouldn't be picking up much if anything from the headphones.