Re: Samsung 215TW at max resolution with nvidia drivers

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I an currently running Mandriva 2006 with a FX5200 nvidia card and the new
100.14.11 driver.

I have a Samsung LCD 215TW monitor which I cannot run at the native
resolution (1680x1050). A bit of googling seem to indicate others have
some unsolved issues in this area. A search of the nvidia forum didn't
turn up a solution.

All I had to do was add a modeline to the Monitor section in xorg.conf:

Modeline "1680x1050" 150.21 1680 1712 2224 2264 1050 1071 1081 1103

and add the mode to a "Modes" line in the Screen section.

I use this with a PCX5300 on Gentoo (same nVidia driver that you're using).

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