Re: GeForce 8800 GTS under Linux

Arno Wagner wrote:

This is to document my recent experiences when I bought a
GeForce 8800 GTS. The reason I bough it was, of course, not
Linux, but gaming under Windows. But since I do everything else
under Linux, it was critical to get the card working there as

I got a GeForce8800 GTS in late December 2006 and am quite happy
with it. Just install NVidia's propritary binary driver. I know
that this might offense the Open Source purist, but OTOH NVidia
is really supporting the Linux folks and keep their drivers up
to date with the Kernel development. Heck, they even release
open source drivers for 2D only (the X.Org nv driver). I think
this is one of the rare occasions, where one can accept a
tainted kernel.

Wolfgang Draxinger
E-Mail address works, Jabber: hexarith@xxxxxxxxxx, ICQ: 134682867