Re: linux for old laptop?

I demand that CptDondo may or may not have written...

My laptop is an old, old Compaq Armada, pIII-166, 06 MB RAM, works like
a charm for playing music on my deck.

As for installation, I think you can bootstrap a floppy installation using
Tom's RBT. I think you set up a partition on the hard drive, dump the boot
iso to it, and then boot using the iso. I must have done it, as I have a
really old laptop that has no CD, and it has linux. But don't ask me how I
did it....

When I last did that, I used a couple of floppy images from a Debian i386
install CD and did a network install. On the etch install CD, the images are
in install.386/floppy: you need boot.img then root.img then, if you have an
external CD-ROM drive, cd-drivers.img.

That said, given an external CD-ROM drive, install/sbm.bin is more

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