Re: Broken USB detection on RH 9.0

On Tue, 11 Sep 2007 12:11:20 -0700, piotreek23 wrote:

You don't have to blow away RH9 to install a new distro, just put the
new distro on a different partition and then give it a try. If all of
your applications work then you are good to go. If they don't (very
unlikely) then you can drop back to RH9. You are spending a lot of time
trying to get things to work that will work out of the box on

RH9 hasn't had an update of any kind for years. It's full of security
holes that have been fixed years ago.

OK I understand you ;) but I working only 2 month for now. Lets forget
about upgrade.
My problems with USB started couple days ago in other words whe have saw
that our streamer is offline in HP Data Express.Only thing i was doing
was instalation of SCSI Adaptec 29320ALP-R module from RPM package.
Today i found that this adaptec is broken and not working propertly with
my E4U matrix. You can find my topic about this on this group.
I tested it on CentOS 4.5.I have a small question could it by caused
(USB stop working) by hardware failure?USB modules are usb-ohci and
usb-ehci they are loading but after messeges about found usb hardware at
*** i get strange message usb_control/bulk message timeot and device is
deregistered.When i try to plug in USB mouse there is nothing in dmesg
log. Thank you for your help and greating Peter ;-)

I doubt it's a hardware problem but I suppose it could be. There is
something else you could try. Build a kernel, get the sources

This is the latest 2.4 kernel, it will have more recent drivers than your
current kernel. There is minimal risk in installing a new kernel because
your old kernel isn't removed. You'll have the option of booting the old
kernel or the new one. Try the new one and see if that fixes your problem.

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