Re: Complete Linux Systems that fit in the palm of your hand

On 19 Oct 2007 01:22:37 GMT, Pacosan <notformail@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yellow Cat <1001webs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Oct 11, 4:03 pm, AHappyCamper <> wrote:
Fully functioning miniature Linux computers

Processor: Intel XScale® PXA255
Speed: 200MHz
Memory: 64MB RAM and 16MB Flash

I haven't seen fully functioning defined as 200MHz and 64MB RAM defined
in about 10 years. 1GHz and 10GB is the lower limit of anything truly
functional as of 2007.

The smallest hardware that will support this spec is probably OQO

For embedded applications, that is plenty. You can easily do control
automation, run a database, TCP/IP networking, etc. on half that hardware.

Your minimum requirements for doing anything usefull is laughable. You've
been using bloated GUIs for too long.


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