Re: Hard drive problems

Thanks for your assistance everyone.

I found the problem. Someone suggested checking the pins on the hard
drive connection and sure enough one of the pins had been bent down.
Out with the jewelers screwdriver and lo... success and I am now back
in mp3 heaven.

I had kinda figured out that sdb was the entire device but thanks for
the confirmation Bill.

As for the useful nugget to have a backup of it mans... The only
reason there was no backup was purely down to its size which is coming
in at over 160gb used of the 250gb available. Even considering the
cheap cost of DVD's I would still need a lot and would have to
constantly update and add more as the mp3 collection grew (and thats a
nightmare in itself). Basically the only really practicable solution
is to have *another* drive to mirror.

Having had the scare of almost losing all the content though I am now
kinda of the mind to get another drive.

Again, thanks for your suggestions and help... appreciated.