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Now, I'm trying it again with gtkpod, and before getting any result, I
found that it was mounted read-only, because writing to the journaled
hfs+ filesystem is not recommended.
But is there any way to solve this just using linux? (I have no Mac OS X
or Windoze computer available here) Or is there any mature hfs+
journaled (writing) support?

You didn't do your homework, before you spent your money. The best possible
solution for you is to format the partition as vfat and start over. Next
time, avoid apple proprietary filesystems at all costs.

FAT32 means you're stuck with filesizes no larger than 2 GB...not a problem
if music is all you plan on putting on it, but it could be an issue if you
use your iPod as a sneakernet device. It takes two seconds on a Mac to
disable HFS+ journaling; even if you don't have one yourself, I'd think a
quick trip to the nearest Apple store (or other retailer) would get you
access long enough to shut off journaling.

I really dislike FAT32 (and any other flavours of FAT), so if by
disabling the journal I'm able to get a filesystem to which I can safely
write using Linux, I'll try that.

Getting access to a windows computer so I can restart this and get this
working in vfat is as hard as getting access to an OS X one - so there's
no benefit in choosing vfat.

(I suppose it's needed to have admin rights to disable the journal, in
OS X, true?)

I've never seen an Apple store here, but I'll do some research - if
there's one here, I'll try that.

Without a Mac, if I'm not mistaken, I think there are tools for Linux
that'll create HFS+ filesystems. Putting the iPod into disk mode
(, copying everything
off of it, reformatting, and copying everything back ought to work.

Gentoo-wiki mentioned a port of HFS+ tools, including mkfs. If that
works, (i.e. it does not damage the iPod - as it involves deleting
everything, I wonder how does it deal with that) it's another possible

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