Re: Can a (second) hard disc consist of only 1 extended/logical partition? Or is at least one primary necessary?

Andrew Gideon staggered into the Black Sun and said:
On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 05:04:07 +0200, s. keeling wrote:
The style I like is to have one partition for /boot
Why? What's that get you if /sbin is unreadable?
This isn't to make /sbin's content available; that's what RAID is for.
This is to make the content of /boot available to GRUB. As far as I
know - and please let me know if I'm out of date on this - GRUB
doesn't "speak" LVM.

It's not so much that GRUB *can't* understand LVM, but that LVM is
complex enough that it'd be a complete and total PITA to implement an
LVM reader in real-mode x86 code. And whatever they came up with would
probably be too big to fit in the slack space between the MBR and the
start of the first partition. It'd probably be doable if the VG
containing the LV where /boot was was guaranteed to be composed of only
PVs that are BIOS-addressable. The whole point of LVM is to remove
those restrictions on where you can put LVs.

What does lvm gain you in this situation but an added level of
A layer of indirection so that, when you "portion out whenever you
wish", you don't need to worry that you've the necessary contiguous

"It's a hell of a lot easier to resize an LV than it is to resize a
partition" in other words. If you have your / on an LV, you can hook up
a new disk and *move your / to that disk while the system is running*,
which is a pretty cool thing to be able to do.

[Sorry for the rant ...]
Yeah, what's that about? Did LVM kick you as a child or something

LVM is more complicated, and nothing but Linux can understand LVM right
now. This makes it a bad idea, IMHO, to use LVM unless the box is only
running Linux, or if the other OS(es) will never need to access the
stuff on the LVs.

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