Re: motherboard for debian etch

Ramon wrote:

Lastly, there are many motherboard manufacturers, and many choices of
chipsets for each of them, but if you're looking for quality, then I
recommend Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, Iwill, Tyan or even Intel.

Because of great matter of RAM with linux, is it better to install ddr
3 instead of ddr 2 ?

In my opinion, the DDR-3 hype is exactly that: a hype. There are many more
things involved in the actual machine's speed than just the clock frequency
of the processor, the cache, the memory bus, the motherboard, etc.

What people generally don't realize is that memory modules designed for
higher clock frequencies will also have higher latency times, which
eventually make the difference between the "slower" memory type and the
"faster" memory type quite small.

I can understand that someone wanting to install Vista would go for the
absolutely fastest machine on the planet, given the performance reports,
but I am happily typing this message on an old Athlon XP 2800+ (2 GHz) that
still has 333 MHz first-generation DDR memory, and this machine is fairly

If you want my advice, compare the specs of the memory modules, especially
with regard to latency times, and then see how that compares in their

I've recently compiled a Xen(0)-patched Linux kernel on my twin dualcore
Opteron machine with DDR-2. It took me 50 seconds for the entire build.
Downloading the Xen source code and the Xen tools source code, building and
installing it took no longer than five minutes - I didn't actually time it,
but it was *very* fast. ;-)

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