Re: Vista poisons ACPI?

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Shrunk the Vista disk down while installing FC9. Twiddled, rebooted
back to Linux a number of times, everything great. Booted Vista
to make sure it could still be done. Next boot to Linux, it froze
coming up -- something about an ACPI threshold (?) or somesuch, sorry
this will be vague. Retried a couple of times with the same result.
Booted with noacpi, and it works again.

Vista isn't your problem; I have it on a machine that dual-boots between
that and Gentoo, and it never has any trouble switching between the two.

I have an HP notebook (L2000, specifically) that used to need noacpi to boot
properly. I'm not sure when I quit using noacpi, but if you're using an
older kernel (I'm using 2.6.24-gentoo-r5), you might still need it.

I still have reboot=c and pci=assign-busses in my kernel options. You might
give those a shot and see if they help.

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