Re: 32 or 64 some questions

Yeah - I see that quite often. However, I refuse categorically to run
Windows natively on my hardware, so only VMware-Player comes into mind.
If Microsoft really wants to forbid me to Run windows on my Machine (I
have the License Sticker on the bottom of my notebook), they can have it
- but they'll have to pay me the full price for windows back (Which is
actually legal in Germany).

BTW - this freedom of choice on what and how I run my OS - is why I love
the linux way.

Aragorn wrote:
I don't mean to sound pedantic, but it does server to note that the
EULA for
neither Windows 2000 nor Windows XP allows use of this Windows license
inside a virtual machine. This might be different for Vista, though.

Of course, what the user does with his licensed copy of Windows is his own
business, not mine. I just thought I'd mention it. ;-)


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