Re: Best WiFi card(USB/PCMCIA) for Linux/Ubuntu

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I have been looking all over the place for a card that will work out of
the box.  I have an old Dell Inspiron 1000 with PCMCIA/USB slots.  I am
currently using a Linksys WPC54G that has to use the ndiswrapper
driver. It is flaky about connecting to places, sometimes yes,
sometimes no.  I know that the atheros chipset is good, but how do I
know what chipset is in what card?

Quick answer: you don't - at least until you take one home and plug it
in. There are a couple of resources on the net that mention specific
models, but manufacturers have been knows to swap parts without warning..
I have a Dlink WNA-2330 H/W vers: A1 F/W vers: 1.0 that works fine, but
it's a couple of years old - don't know if you can still get the same
thing or not.

Checked to see if it was available, it was: around $17.99.  I went ahead
and ordered an Edimax card that works in Ubuntu without any problems.  I
have this damn Linksys WUG54, v.3, working and recognized at home, but it
will not connect at free wifi spots!  I am going to continue on with
Linux and find solutions.  I ran OS/2 since 1994 until two weeks ago, so
I am persistent!

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