Re: Low power consumption Linux Desktop System

On 3 Ott, 10:05, Grant <g_r_a_n...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm running mostly gigabyte mobos (and a couple Intel), including a
G31 (GA-G33M-DS2R) which works well with slack-13 64bit (E6400 + 4GB).  

Also had it going with earlier 32bit slackware versions, this board
came out last year but is still current.  A friend bought one for
linux (he uses Suse) a few weeks ago.

As for low power, my G31 box was happy to run off a 300W inverter
for a couple hours recently :)  Inverter was running stone cold.

Thank You.
Do you know if the Intel matrix storage RAID chipset is supported by
Linux driver?


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