Re: scanning under Linux

John Goche wrote:


I have a Lexmark X5470 all-in-ine which now that
I have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows
Vista it does not work all the time even despite
the fact that I have installed the new driver from
the manufacturer's site.

I would really like to keep on using the scanner
so I was thinking of installing linux in addition
to Vista on my hard drive and using the scanner
from Linux. The all-in-one is connected to the
laptop via a USB cable.

The problem is that I don't know whether the
all-in-one is supported under Linux and am
not sure how about checking this out.

Furthermore I am not sure what software I
could use from Linux to scan documents
from the device.

Thank you for your advice,

John Goche

I did a quick search and found lots of X5470 owners who had no luck getting
that device to scan under Linux (and some had problems printing). Not a
good sign. Try your own search ... maybe somebody has found the key.

My Epson 2400 scanner works perfectly under Linux. HP scanners are said to
be Linux-friendly as well.