Re: keyboards

Thad Floryan wrote:

The Unicomp keyboard I mentioned
earlier in this thread does NOT have that problem -- it's probably one
of the finest keyboards available today -- at least I haven't found
any better ones (yet) though I'm always keeping an eye open.

That is what I use, and they have real springs in the one's I get. I
would go through a keyboard every month or two, and I've used the same
UniComp keyboards for years now without a single failure (and the
action always remains the same, no stuck keys, no weirdness, etc.)
Personally, I've never had any desire to keep my eyes open for any
other alternatives once I started using the Unicomp keyboards (with the
buckling springs). I've used the same one for 7 years now and I bet it
lasts another 5 or 10 years (plus I have a backup when that day comes).
It was around $40 or maybe a little more, I don't recall. You can't
beat that if you're a serious user that does a ton of typing.
Not really a wanna-be, but I don't know everything.