Re: keyboards

On 2009-10-12, Jim Haynes <jhaynes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ah, yes, I have a friend about that age who will talk your arm off about
the advantages of Dvorak. He has a keyboard he found on ebay with a switch
on it that converts between Dvorak and QWERTY.

I read somewhere just recently that the tests showing the superiority of
Dvorak were actually rigged and it isn't all that good. k

Probably this site:

.....which drones on ad nauseam about the dvorak keyboard being a scam.

I could care less. I may know how to touch-type, but never got much
past about 30 wpm, and never neeeded/wanted to, so certainly have no
desire to change key layouts. Besides, the last I heard, some guy on
an typewriter (don't recall if it was mech or elect) was doing 240 wpm
on a the old non-dvorak layout. Apparently, there's no speed problem
with qwerty.