tv card not detected


I am at a loss. I just bought an Intel dp43bfl mainboard with the
intention of running Debian and maybe OpenSuse on it. I have an old
Hauppauge WinTV card (pci) that has done faithful service in all the
computers I've had since purchasing it. I can vouch the tv card works
fine - another system, similar kernel 2.6.3x, also Debian (Sid, I

after fruitless hrs of futzing, I realized that the card was not being
detected. (it also failed to detect an old nic card I put in and removed.

nothing about it shows up in hwinfo or in lspci. of course I have shifted
the tv card into different slots (except one specific slot (slot 0?)
because of irrelevant problem with placement of a cable).

the guy at the computer shop said he tested the pci slots and they were
fine. I believe his test consisted in putting in a pci video card and
seeing if it 'posted'. I have no idea if this is an adequate test.

he is all Windows and keeps going on about 'drivers' but my understanding
is that lspci and hwinfo should reveal hardware no matter.

everything else seems to work. I didn't realize it had a broadcom
networking chipset but seems alright.

I am eager for advice.