Re: One keyboard in TTY and one in the X Server

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i would like to use one Keyboard in a TTY Session, so that this
keyboard is catched there. The input events shouldn't be sent to the X
Server in which i am logged in at the same time. For the X server the
second keyboard should be responsible.
How can i do this? I have got 2.6.32-22 (ubuntu 10.04) with udev
151-12 and Xorg 7.5.

If your tty session is a window on your X11 desktop, then its keyboard
input will always be handled by the X11 keyboard protocol. On the
other hand, keyboard input outside of X - i.e. in a character mode
login console - is handled by the terminal, and its configuration -
e.g. shortcut keys - may be different from your X11 keyboard set-up.

It *is* possible to use a multiseat set-up with multiple keyboards and
mice if you've configured your machine as such - e.g. as an LTSP
server - although I cannot give you any specifics on how to do that.
There are some good HowTos on the subject however.

Perhaps it would be easier for us to give you advice if you were to tell
us *why* exactly you need the kind of set-up you're inquiring about
with this post. ;-)

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