Re: Archive/copy over 2GB

JTF wrote:
On Mar 25, 3:57 am, jan olieslagers <adelco_gene_ze...@xxxxxxxxx>
I have begun to experiment with virtualisation (using qemu/kvm on debian
squeeze) and want to archive or copy the virtual disk image files. These
are big, between 4 and 20 GBytes, and all utilities I tried failed
somewhere: tar and rsync copied 2GB than died with a horrible error
scream, cpio wouldn't even begin, complaining about insufficient field
width for storing the file size.
Is there any copy or archive utility that can handle these big files or
am I doomed to recompile something with some non-standard options or
Yes I know, the question isn't really hardware-related...

A FAT32 type file system does not support files over 2GB. Use EXT2-4
(linux)or NTFS (windows/Windows server) to get bigger files saved.....

Win98's Windows Explorer can't copy files over 2GB.
A workaround is the COPY command, from a command prompt.

The FAT32 size limit is 4GB, and apparently is a Windows limitation, not a FAT32 file system limitation.

MS articles I've read were never clear on this.
I just looked at Microsoft's very non-helpful page <;en-us;184006>
and it tells me "This article applies to a different operating system than the one you are using. Article content that may not be relevant to you is disabled." Idiots.