Re: Selecting a hard drive

Op 11-09-11 16:51, Haines Brown schreef:
I'm thinking of installing a second hard drive in my system for
installing linux, and I have some simple questions for choosing another
drive. I'm presently using a Seagate Barracuda SATA 3.0., 32 MB cache,
and I've been happy with it.

I have been using hdds for some 15 years now. None of them did ever die.
I sorted them out when they finally became too slow and - much more
important - too small. Ok, the newer were always faster, but for some
years now there is not really a difference to be felt between newer and
still newer hdds.

I always chose them by price, so I had quite a lot of manufacturers
represented in my pcs, no problem.

Unless you are a gamer (I have no idea which cache might be better in
that case) I would say that normally the cache size today is sufficient,
I would not care about that.

I think much more important is the ram size and the processor clock rate.

But there is still the same old problem with the hdds as has been so
from the beginning: They always will be too small someday and you will
have to buy a new, bigger one.


Our first pc had a 40 mb (megabytes!) hdd, would be a bit too small

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