Re: WD20EARX hard drives and Ubuntu

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On Mon, 26 Sep 2011 20:09:21 +0200, Aragorn wrote:

On Monday 26 September 2011 10:13 in comp.os.linux.hardware, somebody
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Are there any issues with using a Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB
hard drive with Ubuntu? Google gives confusing results, it appears
there might be issues with head parking.

Novatech are selling them for £61.

Please don't multi-post. If you want to send an article to more than
one group, use crossposting instead, i.e. put all the groups you want
to send the article to - preferably no more than three - in the
"Groups" field of your newsreader's editor, separated by a comma.

Sorry. I do know how to xpost.

Well, I've just described it for you. ;-) You put multiple groups in
the "Groups" field, separated by a comma. For instance, like so...:

Groups: comp.os.linux.hardware,alt.os.linux.ubuntu
Follow-up: comp.os.linux.hardware

Setting a follow-up is optional, but certain people prefer it. It does
however tend to raise confusion because certain newsreaders will then
by default only send the reply to the follow-up group, instead of to
both/all groups.

Crossposting allows the newsreaders of people who have already read your
post in one group to skip it in the other groups if they are also
subscribed to those, and it's a lot easier with regard to the
follow-ups. The people of both groups will then see all the replies
and you will get much more useful answers that way. With
multi-posting, the people from one group won't know what you have been
told in the other group.

I got no reply, so I though I'd try a different NG.

Usenet is not "instant". First of all, there are multiple timezones at
play. I myself for instance reside in Western Europe.

Secondly, Usenet is not hosted on a single server. It's a network of
servers that mirror certain newsgroups. Sometimes, the synchronization
between them is a bit limp, and your article may not even show up in
your own newsfeed while it did show up in other people's feeds.

As with all things in life, one has to be a little patient. Replies
_will_ come, sooner or later. ;-)

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