Re: HDMI sound on GeForce 8400GS

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I decided that I only invoked mplayer under X in
a few places so it was best for me to just include
-ao alsa:device=hw=1.7
in those scripts.

Or you could try putting the following in ~/.mplayer/config

regards Henrik

It appears to me that the key is /etc/asound.conf

Would all of you (root, Clark & Henrik) be so kind as to post the
content of asound.conf along with a description of your sound card

In .mplayer/config are the section headers honored? By that I mean
that if [gnome-mplayer] and [mplayer] both exist, will each
corresponding software only use the entries specific to it? I get
feeling that since gnome-mplayer is only a front end, it will look
It occurs to me that it might help to understand that I'd like
gnome-mplayer to be the only thing using the NVidia sound card, while
mplayer, aplay, arecord etc. use the Intel onboard sound.

That might also alter the content of asound.conf?

You can get what you want if, in Gnome, you invoke mplayer
as mplayer -ao [whatever], and elsewhere you simply
use mplayer. Create an alias for mplayer with the audio
device hardwired in. It even work out, if your other
uses for mplayer, aplay,arecord,.... run under console
mode, that you don't have anything to worry about.