Re: HDMI sound on GeForce 8400GS

Henrik Carlqvist <Henrik.Carlqvist@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

root <NoEMail@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I decided that I only invoked mplayer under X in
a few places so it was best for me to just include
-ao alsa:device=hw=1.7
in those scripts.

Or you could try putting the following in ~/.mplayer/config

regards Henrik

It appears to me that the key is /etc/asound.conf

Would all of you (root, Clark & Henrik) be so kind as to post the
content of asound.conf along with a description of your sound card(s)?

In .mplayer/config are the section headers honored? By that I mean
that if [gnome-mplayer] and [mplayer] both exist, will each
corresponding software only use the entries specific to it? I get the
feeling that since gnome-mplayer is only a front end, it will look at