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The new barebones system Iwill be building comes wih an integral lan
port rated at 10 and 100 cps,
some other boards run at 1000 cps.

I suppose you mean Mbps? (Mega bits per second)

For ordinary web browsing, downloads etc is 100 adequate or must I use
up a slot for a faster card?

Unless your internet provider has a service which gives you more than 100
Mb/s you have no use for a 1 Gb/s card while doing web browsing and
downloads from internet.

You never know when you might have use for the extra speed. If he EVER has
any other network attached devices EVER, then he's likely to benefit from the
extra performance of GigE. Perhaps tomorrow if not today.

As cheap as GigE is these days, there's really no point in not going that route.

On the other hand, today it is almost hard to find NICs slower than 1 Gb/s.

regards Henrik
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