Date: 09/25/03

Date: 24 Sep 2003 23:13:09 -0500

Luke Albers <> wrote:
> Hey everyone

> I have a Compaq presario 2500 laptop that currently rundows XP, and I want
> to move to RH9. I need to dual boot until I can get all the problems worked
> out and ensure compatibility with my school's network and all the programs I
> need, and at that time I am going to ipe out windows. I already have used
> partition magic to shrink my windows partition, and give me a 10 GB
> partition at the end of the disk. My question is: when grub installs in
> the MBR, will I be able to boot windows from it? I have searched google,
> but seen people with different versions, some saying they got it working and
> some had big problems. This computer needs to work for me every day, so I
> need to plan in advance to avoid problems. So I am thinking that all I have
> to do is install RH9 to the second partition, and let grub have the MBR, and
> everything will work flawlessly, right? I hope so.

> Thank you

Maybe not what you want to hear but you can always
put the MBR back right? Using fdisk and a dos disk.
Size of disk? Type of disk?
As for it working you haven't said a lot to get a
guarantee which is why I thought I'd throw this in.
Investigate what I said, feel confident move on.
You are the key person that will make it smooth.
There is no magic.

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