Re: Red Hat Linux 9 with non-namebrand computer systems

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Date: 09/25/03

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 06:32:40 +0000

In message <>, Jeffery Toy

> I am currently in the process of shopping for a new computer system
> and I plan on installing Red Hat Linux 9. In the area where I live,
> there are a lot of dealers that sell their own assembled systems for
> fairly good prices but I'm a bit worried about hardware compatiblility
> issues with Red Hat Linux 9 so I started asking around about it. One
> dealer e-mailed me back to tell me that although their systems have
> been tested with Red Hat Linux 9 and should work fine, they are not
> Certified and that I may need to do a bit of tweaking.
> What I'm really trying to find out of from other people who have also
> bought non-namebrand systems and have installed Red Hat Linux 9 what
> your experiences have been. Good? Bad? Am I better off buying a Dell
> or HP? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I've got RH9 installed on four homebuilt machines. No problems on any of
them. They are far more expandable and upgradeable than a custom Dell box
and that's how I maintain them. Just pick a good motherboard and a
well-known network card (if it's not on the motherboard) and make sure your
video card is supported properly by XFree86 (mine are all ATI cards of
various vintages) and you should be OK. IF not, at least it's easy to swap
something out.


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