Re: ldt allocation failed of 2.4.22 kernel

From: Carfield Yim (
Date: 10/02/03

Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 14:08:08 +0800

> I don't know a whole lot about the kernel either, and I'll admit that
> this next method is ham-fisted and tedious, but it might just work:
> 1) Start with the stock kernel, recompile it, and use the kernel binary
> thus created. If this has any problems, then something is wrong with
> your compilation process.
> 2) Take your list of changes and split it up into several small groups.
> 3) Apply one small group of changes to the kernel, recompile, use. If
> this has no problems, then repeat with the next small group.
> 4) Optionally, take the small group with the problem and split it into
> smaller groups, then repeat step 3.
> 5) Once you've narrowed the problem down to a decently small group of
> changes, then post that group and ask for help.
Good suggestion, I will try to find sometime to do it later.

Besides, I at least need to add some module for a compiled kernel for my
hardware, they are SCSI, aic7xxxx driver, reiserfs, realtek RTL-8139 to
at least make my kernel able to run.

Will it give any hint to you??