Re: New virus?

From: Dave (shuvit_at_127.0.0.1)
Date: 10/04/03

Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 14:18:08 -0700

"Michael Heiming" <> wrote in message
> Dave <shuvit@> wrote:
> [...]
> > Question: Why the ban on HTML? I can see not including graphics that
> > be downloaded, but simple stuff like text formatting can make a message
> > easier to read (depending, of course, on the content). Plain text is
> > adequate for this group, and most others, but a discussion among
> > mathematicians might be difficult.
> Many people (including me), are using CLI newsreader which can't display
> some whizzbang HTML and alike stuff, plain text is working for usenet
> ages and there's no reason to change. > ;)

We seem to be getting off topic, but I don't see the original posters
continuing their thread, and I find this new topic much more interesting.
Should we start a new thread? I don't see any guidelines in the FAQ.

I think Usenet would be much more useful as a communications medium, if it
were not limited to plain text. Any field where you need more than a
one-dimensional flow of information would benefit. For example, doctors
discussing tissue samples, mathematicians discussing equations, engineers
discussing designs, artists discussing their techniques, stock traders
discussing charts, etc.. I remember a few years back working on an
electronic design via telephone and teletype ( yes, those old clunky
machines with 300 baud modems). We used to make our sketches out of ASCII
characters. What a pain.

I looked at Usenet as a possibility for a forum I'm setting up on electronic
design, but decided to go with Delphi Forums instead. So now my audience is
limited to just the people who hear about the forum and know exactly where
to go. The pages don't show up on
a Google search. You have to put up with flashing ads (or pay a small fee
to Delphi ).

Seems like there should be a free, public forum that supports HTML and
graphics, is searchable by Google, and has all the other benefits of Usenet,
without the restrictions.

-- Dave