[ Was Re: New virus?] more then ASCII on usenet needed?

From: Michael Heiming (michael+USENET_at_www.heiming.de)
Date: 10/04/03

Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 23:38:34 +0200

Dave <shuvit@> wrote:


> We seem to be getting off topic, but I don't see the original posters
> continuing their thread, and I find this new topic much more interesting.
> Should we start a new thread? I don't see any guidelines in the FAQ.

Doesn't matter, we can change the "Subject:".

> I think Usenet would be much more useful as a communications medium, if it
> were not limited to plain text. Any field where you need more than a

It's IMHO this useful, as it is limited to ASCII. Everything else is just
eye-candy, wasting bandwidth and slowing down things.

> one-dimensional flow of information would benefit. For example, doctors
> discussing tissue samples, mathematicians discussing equations, engineers
> discussing designs, artists discussing their techniques, stock traders
> discussing charts, etc.. I remember a few years back working on an
> electronic design via telephone and teletype ( yes, those old clunky
> machines with 300 baud modems). We used to make our sketches out of ASCII
> characters. What a pain.

Perhaps, but then I'm not interested in those, we are talking here about
a quite simple OS, that doesn't need any GUI to run. Why should we need
one to talk about it?

> to go. http://forums.delphiforums.com/EDAtools The pages don't show up on
> a Google search. You have to put up with flashing ads (or pay a small fee
> to Delphi ).

You must have made something wrong, my hp is found by google in the top ten,
if one uses the proper keywords. Perhaps your site is just to new, it may take
a few weeks until the google bot comes along...Just check the logs.

Michael Heiming
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