steve-parkers bourne sh coding tutorial

From: Player (
Date: 10/08/03

Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 02:44:53 +0100

Hi all :)

  At there is a bourne shell
programming tutorial by the name of, sh-0.7/sh.shtml that is as one
would expect a tutorial for people who want to learn bash shell

Well I dl'd that tutorial as I am teaching myself linux and though bash
programming along with perl would be very good knowledge to have up-stairs
mingled in with the old grey matter :)

Anyways in the Loops section of that tutorial, there is a section called
While Loops and a rather small scripty showing the use of a while loop,
the source follows below....

while [ "$INPUT_STRING" != "bye" ]
  echo "Please type something in (bye to quit)"
  echo "You typed: $INPUT_STRING"
.....well I created this little script in emacs and wrote the very exact
same code into a script called
I did a 'chmod 755' so as to make the script active as such, and
expected as most would of, to get a script that would simple loop echo'ing
the txt...

You typed: <what i did type>

...untill I typed 'bye', were then it would halt the loop and the script
would finish and stop.
 Thing is though I did not get what I expected, and I got this error

./ line 7: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'
./ line 9: syntax error: unexpected end of file could someone explain to me just whats going on? or were it is going
wrong? lol.
I assure everyone that I have the exact same code as is in the tutorial,
in my script, because thinking I was blind, I deleted what I had typed and
simply copy pasted the source out of the tutorial and into my script,
thinking I was blind and simply couldn't see the mistake.

I have noticed quite a few spelling mistakes and typos within the
tutorial, and as a begginer to linux and shell coding, this is bad as I am
totaly relying on the tutorials info being true to it's word.
I am thinking that there might be an error in the source somewere,
were as a begginer I
wouldn't know about it :)

Anyways can someone please help me out a little, because I very much stuck
Regards Player

Hale to the new GODS of Earth.....
Long live the Machines