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> Hi all :)
> At there is a bourne shell
> programming tutorial by the name of, sh-0.7/sh.shtml that is as one
> would expect a tutorial for people who want to learn bash shell
> programming.
> Well I dl'd that tutorial as I am teaching myself linux and though bash
> programming along with perl would be very good knowledge to have up-stairs
> mingled in with the old grey matter :)
> Anyways in the Loops section of that tutorial, there is a section called
> While Loops and a rather small scripty showing the use of a while loop,
> the source follows below....
> #!/bin/sh
> while [ "$INPUT_STRING" != "bye" ]
> do
> echo "Please type something in (bye to quit)"
> echo "You typed: $INPUT_STRING"
> done
> .....well I created this little script in emacs and wrote the very exact
> same code into a script called
> I did a 'chmod 755' so as to make the script active as such, and
> expected as most would of, to get a script that would simple loop echo'ing
> the txt...
> You typed: <what i did type>
> ...untill I typed 'bye', were then it would halt the loop and the script
> would finish and stop.
> Thing is though I did not get what I expected, and I got this error
> instead....
> ./ line 7: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'
> ./ line 9: syntax error: unexpected end of file
> could someone explain to me just whats going on? or were it is going
> wrong? lol.
> I assure everyone that I have the exact same code as is in the tutorial,
> in my script, because thinking I was blind, I deleted what I had typed and
> simply copy pasted the source out of the tutorial and into my script,
> thinking I was blind and simply couldn't see the mistake.
> I have noticed quite a few spelling mistakes and typos within the
> tutorial, and as a begginer to linux and shell coding, this is bad as I am
> totaly relying on the tutorials info being true to it's word.
> I am thinking that there might be an error in the source somewere,
> were as a begginer I
> wouldn't know about it :)
> Anyways can someone please help me out a little, because I very much stuck
> lol.
> Regards Player

Well what-ever it was, it now seems to have corected it's self and is now
working fine.
Oh well lol nevermind people, ignore the post lol, pass it off as the mad
ravings of a begginer lol.
Regards Player

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