Mandrake not being nice

From: Kostatus (
Date: 10/13/03

Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 05:31:59 +0000 (UTC)

I've just installed my first ever distribution of Linux, Mandrake Linux
9.1, on half of a spare hard drive (30GB partition / 60GB total). And now
I'm experiencing quite a few problems, maybe I'll be able to fix some
myself so I'll only outline a few of them:

1) It calls my modem a "winmodem" and tells me that it doesn't like it!
Does this mean that I have to get a special modem just for linux!?!?!?!? I
tried setting it up as a "normal modem" but it told me that it could not
read the file: "/etx/resolv.conf"
2) My scanner is not on the list of scanners!!! And when I pick a scanner
of the same brand and a somewhat-similar name it tells me that it's not
3) The highest refresh rate that I can choose is 75Hz which filckers
annoyingly (my WinXP does 85Hz and that works perfectly)
4) It won't play music from a music CD!
5) I tried solving some of these problems myself by clicking on
"Documentation" somewhere in Mandrake but it told me that it can't find the
help files.

In the case that after the end of the week I'm still willing to let
Mandrake have any physical presence on my hard drive (which currently seems
unlikely at the way it hates my computer) can anyone recomend me a newbie
guide to linux or something?


kostatus001 at ihug co nz