Device Drivers and Files

From: Caj Zell (
Date: 12/09/03

Date: 9 Dec 2003 05:12:45 -0800


I have tried to look up the following, but haven't found what I am
looking for.

I often find myself trying to get some piece of device to work and
wonder which file it is connected to. What I am looking for is an
application that could give an output where all devices are listed,
which "/dev/"-file they are related and which driver that is
associated with them. Something like

Soundcard /dev/dsp es1370

or something similar. I do lsdev, dmesg, lspci, etc., but cannot
extract the information I am looking for.

Related note: I now have a Vaio pcg-grt896hp where the computer
freezes whenever I do something with the sound. wavplay for instance
completely freezes my RH9 system and I cannot even switch terminals
with Ctrl-Alt-F6. How can I debug this?

Caj Zell