Re: Henry Spencer would be turning in his grave, if he were dead.

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard (J.deBoynePollard_at_Tesco.NET)
Date: 12/18/03

Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 20:05:59 +0000

V> - That page has 2 links with no descriptions,
V> elrav1.html and files.html

AC> It's called a "directory". They don't have descriptions.

Wrong. They do on some people's systems. They do on mine, for example.

JdeBP> "elrav1" is, I believe, the abbreviation for "Those who
JdeBP> do not understand TMDA are condemned to reinvent it,
JdeBP> poorly.".

AC> A computer illiterate that doesn't even know what a
AC> directory is, is criticizing my program?

No; but a fool who doesn't know how to follow a thread, and determine who said
what, does appear to be asking that question.