Re: Mahogany?

From: GP (
Date: 02/16/04

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 14:51:01 +0000

Garry Knight wrote:
> In message <>, GP wrote:
>>Has anybody tried Mahogany as an email client. Is the mailbox format
>>compatible with Kmail's ?
> KMail uses MBOX or Maildir. From the Mahogany website:
> "Full support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NNTP and several different mail folder
> file formats (including MBOX, MBX and MH)."
>>Is it possible to import the address book ?
> The website also contains a long list of developers names linked to e-mail
> addresses. You could ask them. Did you actually look at the website at all?

A quick look. Your problem, it seems, is you don't understand the
purpose of newsgroups.

What I want is not the developers POV. Have you ever seen the homepage
of any soft saying: "Hey, bodies! Just don't try this piece shit, it
hardly works." What I want is input from users telling what their
experience is.

It seems you have no experience with Mahogany. So will you just vanish
fron this thread.