Re: using putty on windows 2000 to connect to my linux box

From: Anthony Campbell (
Date: 02/23/04

Date: 23 Feb 2004 08:48:07 GMT

On 2004-02-22, Martin Blume <> wrote:
> "Anthony Campbell" <> schrieb
>> I'm trying to do the same with two linux machines but I cannot
>> persuade them to ping each other, let alone get ssh running. I
>> have checked /etc/hosts and /etc/hosts.allow as far as I can and
>> they seem to be OK.
>> No idea where to look next.
> IMHO /etc/hosts.* has nothing to do with being able to ping
> 192.168.0.x
>> The two machines are a laptop ( and a desktop
>> The laptop communicates to the router via a
>> wireless link, and both machines can connect to the internet
>> without difficulty.
> I'm not sure you can have have both machines in the same network.
> Your laptop tries to access directly on the
> wireless network. How is it to know that the WLAN acess link has
> to take the packet and transmit it on a wire link?
> IMHO you have to define two subnets and tell your laptop that
> the access-point is the default route.
> Perhaps you should consult your access point's manual.
> Martin

Oddly enough, I can now ping from the laptop to the desktop though not
the other way round; not sure how this has happened. But ssh does not
work in either direction.

I'd thought that setting up ssh was fairly trivial, but it does not seem
to be.


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