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Date: 04/02/04

Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 22:13:28 +0200

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P.T. Breuer <> wrote:
> Bart <> wrote:
> > When I put a new hardware in my computer, how can I know what is the module
> > associated to this hardware ?

> By looking it up. Look at whatever identifiers are on the card, or

Write them down and try google to locate/download the manufactures
manual(s) (pdf).

> whatever it says on the bus, and grep through the source code for
> references to it. Google too.

Full ack!


> > ask this cause hardrake show informations that don't appear in /proc/pci.

> How would we know? Hardrake is a gui.

> > How do I know what it the module associated to a hardware shown in /proc/pci
> > ?

> You look it up in the sources you can find. Or you ask someone.

On SuSE, you get the hwinfo package, it can in many cases
determine the module needed for some device. Works on RH too.

Albeit, I check for drivers/compatibility before buying anything
and refuse to get it, if it doesn't come with GPL drivers,
preferable included with the kernel sources from

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