Re: Screen Stuff Command Question

From: Alan Connor (zzzzzz_at_xxx.yyy)
Date: 04/24/04

Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 20:28:43 GMT

On 24 Apr 2004 13:13:52 -0700, Dewg <> wrote:
> I'm having difficulty figuring out how to send an ENTER after stuffing
> something with screen.
> Example: Trying to send the word Hello followed by ENTER to the
> detached screen. I use the following at a bash prompt:
> screen -X stuff Hello
> That puts the word "Hello" in the detached screen but doesn't put
> ENTER after it, so the cursor sits at the end of the word "Hello" when
> I reattach the screen.
> What must I stuff to have ENTER pressed after "Hello" ?


Octal escape sequence. See man ascii or find a table somewhere.

(hope you don't have command by that name :-)