ImageMagick and converting rgb to MPEG format

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Date: 07/01/04

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 16:56:26 +0900

By "convert -size 320x240 rgb:image image.m2v" I can change rgb file
formatted images to m2v format which is mpeg2 format.

But by "convet -size 320x240 rgb:image image.mpeg" I had error messages
and could not have mpeg version 1 file.
That is,

%convert -size 320x240 rgb:cap.img cap.mpeg
Couldn't open parameter file /tmp/magicr9rwcdu

With mpg extension, I have got this message:

%convert -size 320x240 rgb:cap.img cap.mpg
sh: HoW@HoW@ode: command not found

Did I do wrong command?
I really need mpeg version 1 file format with "convert" command.

What is the correct one?

Thank you,