Re: Software to create an E-book?

From: Grant Edwards (
Date: 09/30/04

Date: 30 Sep 2004 03:04:24 GMT

On 2004-09-30, Chris F.A. Johnson <> wrote:

>> Many Web sites have "printer friendly" pages, but I am very
>> much in favor of having each page limited to the height of one
>> screen.
> How high is a screen?
> There is no way of telling that in an HTML document. It depends on
> the screen resolution, the size of the window, the size of the
> font, the amount of zoom, etc.
> If you try to design pages to fit in a single screen, you have to
> do it for the smallest imaginable screen, or perhaps the smallest
> practical screen. But what is that? Is it 600 x 480? Or less? Or
> more? How many lines can you fit on that screen? You don't know,
> because you don't know the size of the type, or the amount of
> magnification. If you specify a type size, it may be too small or
> too large for any particular reader.
> Even if it were possible, I'd find it very annoying having to load
> another page for every screen, rather than just scrolling.

It also makes it almost impossible to search. If you insist on
doing a book HTML, I want as much of the content on a single
page as possible. Certinly nothing shorter than 5-100 "normal
book pages".

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