IRIG-B Timecode and Linux

From: The Eighth Doctor (
Date: 01/29/05

Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 07:57:46 GMT

Hello from the Eighth Doctor
In going through my collection of Embedded Linux Journal, a publication that was
ran by Linux Journal; I came across an article discussing how a NASA research
facility was using Linux to run an instrument.

I'll spare everyone the discussions of what the instrument was, and what they started
off with, however the thing used the signals created from the IRIG-B timecode for
synchronizing its activities.

Now I am familiar with the IRIG-B timecode, and its origins. However I am
wondering if anyone in this group has manged to get their system to talk to a device
which decodes the signals, and then presents them in a human readable form.

Obviously we are not talking hobbyist prices here. I saw a collection of these
devices last summer. The prices that I later saw on paperwork from the firm quoted
prices that would automatically make any individual such as myself feel unhappy.

But will accept feedback on this subject.

Gregg drwho8 atsign att dot net
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