Taking over a console session?

From: Hernán Freschi (hjf.usenet_at_hjf.com.ar)
Date: 02/26/05

Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 12:52:46 -0300

Hi all. I usually leave the computer to do things while I go around the
house (or outside, etc), and sometimes I need to supervise it often. I
can do that easily with Windows XP's remote desktop feature. In some
ways it sucks (only one person can use the computer at the time), but it
has the advantage that I can take over the session I left in the
console, and manage it from another computer.

My question is, is it possible to do that on a Linux machine via ssh? I
don't use X for my servers, but sometimes I do things like compiling
something and I have to check it from another computer, but ssh will
only allow me to open a new session. How can I take over a running session?


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